Thatharna Trek Clean Up

Thatharna Trek Clean Up

After another high mountain trail tracing, we were able to embrace Dhauladhar Mountain. Along the way comes, Thatharna hill. Thatharna trek is another grazing point, used by the shepherds and local cattle herders.

From an altitude of around 2,640 meters, Thatharna boasts 360-degree view of Dhauladhar Mountains and Kangra valley.  

As usual, the sunset view from Thatharna trek is spell bounding. Thatharna calls for some effort and energy to climb up and reach there.

Trek to Thatharna starts from Kharota village and goes uphill, a steep climb. The trek has the burnt of years of mining of slate. Some of the slate mines are illegal and some have valid license.

From Kharota, the trail goes through few houses and then a temple to our right-hand side.

Kharota village had few home-stay options but now we have hotels and campsites as well.

You can reach Khadota via Dharamshala then Khanyara town. You can also reach Kharota via Sidhpur then Khanyara.

There are two road from Sidhpur, one starts from Sacred Heart Sr. Sec. School. Another starts from Sidhpur bus stop.

Once you walk past the temple in Kharota, you need to climb uphill. This is a steep climb. You may prefer to go slow and enjoy the views of Kangra valley.

After sometime you reach another temple beside the wretched slate mine. Right after this temple, you will notice a punctured water pipeline. You need to insert a leaf inside the punc

You may prefer to refill your water bottles and quench your thirst. Face splash by cold water is highly recommended to refresh yourself instantly.

Here you will notice another trail going to your left and one going upwards. You better skip the trail going parallel on left hand side. As it leads to another wretched slate mine.

Once you have refreshed yourself, you can continue the steady uphill climb. Now this, Thatharna trek is covered with dense forest but fear nothing. There are no wild animals during the day hours.

The only animals, you may come across will be the humans. Also, you may notice trash all along the trek. But it is wise if, you keep your part of trash in your bag. This way you can contribute in Thatharna trek clean up.

The trek to Thatharna is also well beaten and an attentive eye will never loose the trek. Just rest when ever you feel you need to stop and rest.

Feel the vibe of Nature. You can make a day hike for Thatharna.  For a day hike or day trek to Thatharna, you will have to start early in the morning right from Kharota village.

08:00 am to 08:30 am is the best starting time for the day hike to Thatharna. If you wish to stay for a night at Thatharna, then there is a good provision for the same. 

There is a private camping site in Thatharna, which caters all of the requirements for the night stay and food.

Once you exist the thick forest cover of Thatharna trek, you will come across a wide-open patch. Dhauladhar mountains have perfect photogenic view from here.

After this open patch you will have to go through another mild forest cover. It will consume some 10 to 20 minutes of your walk and then you will exist to the final easy climb. This final easy climb will throw you right at so much awaited Thatharna campsite.

If it is a day hike, then first you may want to finish that packed lunch, which had been sitting idle inside your backpack or you may pass an order for the lunch at one of the shops over here.

And if you are here for the night stay, then you would first prefer to hire the tent spot and then order your lunch at the shop.

If you cannot or are not experienced in solo trekking or carry your food on trek, or have no experience in following the free available guidelines of this trek, then you are on a tight spot.

Hey, but then worry not. We have plenty of travel agencies all along Kangra and Dharamshala local. These travel agencies provide comfortable packages for Triund trek, Kareri Lake trek and Thatharan trek as well.

You will find all of the information about the travel agencies over the internet and among them most recommended is Dharamshala Local.

The team of Dharamshala Local, is well experienced. They provide guided treks all over Dharamshala and Himachal Pradesh. If you have to fulfill your all holiday wish lists, Dharamshala Local is most recommended. They cover hotel room bookings, city and monastery visits.

They even engage party events, volunteering options and other outdoor actives.  You can also enjoy Paragliding tandem flights from Indrunag and ATV rides. They have lucrative Thatharna trek package.

With a well guided trek to Thatharna, you will reach Thatharna at ease. You have to worry not about the camping and food etc. 

The trek packages to Thatharna include : Trek lead starting from Kharota, food, and camping, Paragliding from IndruNag

The packages exclude all kind of personal use things. With some extra charge, you can enjoy the pickup from Dharamshala ISBT. 

You can even arrange the pick from your hotel up to Kharota. Kharota is the starting point of the Thatharna trek.

So again, if you are on a day hike or day trek to Thatharna. Then after lunch, you can enjoy the views of  Dhauladhar Mountains and of Kangra Valley.

Forget not to carry your part of trash in bag and dispose-off in the garbage bins in Dharamshala. Just don’t leave it in the trash bins, if any you may see in the shop at Thatharna. 

This way too, you will contribute in Thatharna trek clean up. It is also a kind of volunteering.
And, if you love volunteering and want to contribute more, then stay tuned. 
We have Dhauladhar Cleaners, Dharamshala Animal Rescue, Waste Warriors which are active and have plenty of options for volunteering.
If you have long stay in Dharamshala the smarty city, then you can actively join Dhauladhar Cleaners every Sunday. Dhauladhar Cleaners host, active Sunday clean up, every week. They have one main point Indrunag. 

Dhauladhar Cleaners, also indulge in other spots of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. Dal Lake, police ground, Kareri Lake clean up and Thatharna trek clean up are done on random weeks.
Stay tuned with us for more write up on Thatharna trek clean up 

Trek but please do not trash. If you see the trek already trashed, then you can either clean up the trek.  The most you should or can do is not to throw your part of trash. 

Keep it in your bags and put them in the city garbage bins. This is a proven way to keep Nature Clean.

This way you will do your part of the clean up and make a positive flow of good act. Which may also encourage other humans as well.

So, after lunch and site views, you can start your climb down from Thatharna. It will take only 2-3 hours to reach Kharota.

But then if you feel tempted to stay and have not booked any tents.

Then wait no more. Reach out the shop or camp owners right on spot and get a good spot for your tent.  Evening tea, snacking and dinner will follow on. Enjoy your stay if you love to. Help Keep Nature Clean and Green.


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