Trekking To Thatharna

 Trekking To Thatharna 

The Reality of How Dangerous and Difficult Thatharna Trek is? Today, we will discuss the reality of Thatharna trek.

Thatharna  trek is just another trek like Kareri lake trek.

The only difference Is that, it has steep climbs and at one point you can sure loose the trek.

This point come right under a huge tree with a small/temple type of structure made of rock slabs.

Here the actual Thatharna trek goes to the right-hand side.

During our first trek to Thatharna, we also had got misled from this point. But since we had the basic idea of climbing straight up side.

So after some effort were able to connect with the actual trek to Thatharna.

Now we will detail the points of Thatharna trek, starting from the big temple in Kharota village.

Follow these free guidelines and we are certain that you will not get lost in trek to Thatharna.

The Steps for Thatharna Trek

The points:

Once you get off from your vehicle or motorcycle at the end of the road to Kharota village.

Climb the dirt footpaht to your right-hand side. This footpath goes towards some of the homes and by the side of few homes.

It will lead you the big temple to the right-hand side. There is a water tap in front of the temple.

But if you want to use the tap water, just leave it open for few minutes. As the stagnant water inside the plastic pipe smells awfully.

This very trail also goes to the left side, which further goes through another house. But you don’t have to go to the left side.

Refresh by the side of the temple if you need to. Once ready climb up straight, do not go to the left-side or right-side.

You may notice a concrete water tank on extreme left side. You don’t have to go that side either.

Just keep walking up side. After tiny small left and right turn to upside, you will find small resting place to your left-hand side beside a tree.

From this point you will notice another trail going to the left side.

You have to skip that left trek and keep up side from the trek to the right-hand side.

Just keep climbing up side from right hand side. Remember, you have keep going up side from your right-hand side.

Do not go to the extreme right side. Just keep climbing up side.

After some climb, you will come to the edge, here you need to climb up to a short left and then again keep climbing up-side.

You will notice, a slide point. It is because of the slate mining near-by.  

Just keep climbing up side and you will notice a temple to the right-hand side. After crossing this temple, walk for next 10 meters.

Then you will notice a leaking water pipe or an iron pipe with hole. Here you can refill your water bottles. You have to insert, a leaf to deviate flowing water.

Right here, you will notice another trek going parallel to the left. Careful here, you do not have to go to that side. That trek goes to another slate mine.

And you have nothing to do with slate mining. So that trek is of no use to you.

Once you refill the water bottles, remove the leaf and start climbing upward. Here take, small left turn going upside. Follow this only trail.

After some distance, you may notice another trek going to the left. Just ignore that left trek and keep walking on the trek going to the right-hand side.

Now here, you must not go to the extreme left side or right side. Just follow the well beaten trek.

This trek now is among mildly dense forest, nothing to worry. Just keep following the main trek and remember, just keep climbing upward.

After few turn on right side going up, you will notice a huge tree. This tree has wide canopy. You may even walk on its roots.

Once you reach under this tree, you will notice a kind of shrine or something like that. It is made of medium sized rock slabs.

Here you can rest for a while and refresh. Look around and you will notice the trek going upwards but from the right-hand side.

Just follow that trek going upward, to your right-hand side.

Keep walking upside on this very trek. Remember not to go the extreme right side. Just keep walking upside.

After sometime, you will come across a wide-open patch.

Once you reach this point, there is no more worry. Because after this open patch, you are certain of not getting lost. Just walk straight upward. Now you will come across another less crowded forest cover.

But worry not, it will take only 10—20 minutes and you will exit this forest cover.

Now the trek will go to the left upside and again straight upside. A few more minutes of the walk and you will notice another small temple to your left-hand side.

You will enjoy the wide views of Kangra valley from this point. The seasonal shepherd huts of Thatharna will also be visible from here.

There, you are right at Thatharna and with this your trek to Thatharna is complete.

Refresh yourself by ordering Tea or coffee from one of the shops in the huts. If you wish to camp.

Then you can also book one tent for self and the enjoy the stay.

You can climb back down from the same trek. Just be attentive and careful. While climbing down, follow the same idea. Climb down straight on the trek, no need to go extreme left-side or right-side.

We wish you a Safe, Clean and Green Trek. Please help keep, Thatharna trek clean by keeping your part of the trash in your bags. You can dispose, your part of the trash in Dharamshala or Khanyara.


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